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Abdul Hai Sofizada


Abdul Hai Sofizada grew up in Kabul, Afghanistan and spent more than 9 years living in Pakistan as a refugee. During his years in Pakistan, he attended the school and returned to Afghanistan in early 2002 following the political developments. In the last two years in Pakistan, he worked with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, managing a caseload of refugees for resettlement. Since returning to Afghanistan, Abdul Hai has actively taken part in the post-war recovery and reconstruction process through his work with the United Nations and the government in various capacities as well as currently with the World Bank as a Senior Education Specialist. In 2004, he completed his MA in Post-war Recovery Studies at the University of York, United Kingdom. His professional experience has evolved from engagement in immediate post-war recovery and humanitarian assistance to public policy making in the development sector. Abdul Hai's professional life since 2006 has concentrated on the development and improvement of the education system in the country, drawing on lessons learned and best practices from the region and beyond. Abdul Hai is a Gates Cambridge scholar.