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Dr Claudia Lopes

Dr Claudia Lopes

Research Associate


Claudia Abreu Lopes is a Research Associate at the Centre of Governance and Human Rights (CGHR). Prior to joining POLIS she was a Teaching Fellow in Social Psychology at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and a Lecturer in Social Psychology and Research Methods at the University of Coimbra. Claudia holds a PhD in Social Research Methods from the LSE and a Master in Social Psychology from the University of Porto.

Claudia is leading Africa’s Voices, an applied project on public consultation in Africa using mobile phones and interactive radio. Claudia is interested in socio-cognitive mechanisms in the field of social representations and in methodologies that bridge people’s outlooks and actions to their social and political context. In her doctoral research, Claudia advanced a social mechanism to explain cross-national variations on the economic morality of citizens across Europe. At the CGHR, Claudia is researching the impact of new communication technologies on political participation in Africa with an emphasis on innovative methodologies to gather and aggregate public opinion from radio-mediated spaces for discussion. She also collaborates on the ESRC and DFID funded project Politics and Interactive Media in Africa (PiMA) and on the European Commission funded Financialisation, economy, society and sustainable development (FESSUD).

Research Interests

societal psychology, political psychology, social representations theory, public opinion, economic morality, social mechanisms, multilevel models, structural equation modelling, cross-national research, survey methodology, computational social science.

Key Publications

Lopes, C., Gaskell, G. (2014). Societal Psychology and levels of analysis in the study of social behaviour. In G. Sammut, E. Andreouli, and G. Gaskell (Eds.), Handbook of social representations. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Lopes, C., & Srinivasan, S. (2013). Africa’s Voices: Reflections of a project using mobile phones and radio to gather public opinion in Africa. Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on African Studies.

Nassanga, G., Manyozo, L., Lopes, C. (2013). ICTs and radio in Africa: How the uptake of ICT has influenced the newsroom culture among community radio journalists. Telematics and Informatics, 30, 258-266.

Manyozo, L., Nassanga, G., Lopes, C. (2012). Models of and approaches to the station management of six African community radio broadcasters. MedieKultur Journal of Media and Communication Research, 42, 7-27.

Lopes, C., Frade, C. (2012). The way into bankruptcy: Market anomie and sacrifice among Portuguese consumers. Journal of Consumer Policy, 35, 477-496,

Lopes, C. (2010). Consumer morality in times of economic hardship. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 34, 2, 112-120.

Frade, C., and Lopes, C. (2009). Financial stress and overindebtedness across Europe. In Joanna Niemi, Iain Ramsay, and William Whitford (eds.), Consumer credit, debt and bankruptcy: Comparative and international perspectives (pp. 249-271). Oxford: Hart Publishing.