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Prof Stefan Halper

Prof Stefan Halper

Research Professor, The Institute of World Politics

Life Fellow of the Centre of International Studies

Life Fellow of Magdalene College

Office Phone: 01223 767 245


His “Best-Selling” book America Alone: The Neo-conservatives and the Global Order, (co-authored) was published by the Cambridge University Press in July 04. In 2007 his book The Silence of the Rational Center: Why US Foreign Policy is Failing was published by Basic Books , NY, NY. In 2010 Basic books published The Beijing Consensus, in the United States. The book was also published in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and France. In 2013, Tibet: An Unfinished Story…, co-authored with Dr. Lezlee Brown Halper, was published in the UK by Hurst Publishers. In 2014, Oxford University Press will publish it in the US and Hachette will publish it in South Asia.

During the academic year 2012-2013, Professor Halper delivered papers at Chatham House in London; Cambridge University Intelligence Seminar; the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington; The Cosmos Club, Washington;  Wellesley College in Wellesley, Mass.; Magdalene College, University of Cambridge, The Politics Society, Peterhouse, University of Cambridge, The Centre of International Studies, University of Cambridge, The Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, The Roosevelt Institute, New York, The World Affairs Council of Los Angeles,  , The World Affairs Council of Richmond, The World Affairs Council, Hilton Head, S.C, The Committee for the Republic in Washington.   D.C., The University Club of New York, D.C.; Paribas, Paris; U-Gov Conference, London; Festival of Ideas, Cambridge; Wilton House, Foreign Office, UK; The Office of Net Assessment, DOD, Washington, D.C.;  Center for Asia and Pacific Studies, Honolulu; CINCPAC, Honolulu; US Naval War College, Providence, Rhode Island; Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo;  Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Tokyo,;  National Institute of Defence Studies, Tokyo; Japan Maritime Self Defence Force HQ, Tokyo;  Maritime Self Defence Force Staff College.

Stefan Halper holds doctorates from both Oxford and Cambridge. He has served four American presidents in the White House and Department of State and is an expert on US foreign policy, national security policy, China and Anglo-American relations.

Halper was Executive Editor and host of “Worldwise”, a nationally televised program on foreign and national security affairs from 1996-2000 and “This Week From Washington”, a national radio program aired from 1985-2001.

He appears regularly on BBC television and on BBC-4 The Morning Programme.


Stefan Halper, with representatives from POLIS and Magdalene College, administers the Halper Family Trust Scholarship at Cambridge. This provides a one year bursary for a British student admitted to Magdalene College, Cambridge and to the MPhil Programme at the Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge.

Research Interests

Dr. Halper’s research interests are centred on US foreign and domestic policy and politics, US national security issues and international security matters including Afghanistan and China.


He lectures on latter 20th Century US foreign policy, China, and contemporary international security issues. Professor Halper is a Life Fellow at Magdalene College, Cambridge, and an Advisor to the US Secretary of Defence.