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Stay connected with Cambridge Politics and International Relations alumni here! Update us with your achievements and successes, keep us posted on your personal and professional lives since leaving Cambridge. To submit your ClassNote, please click the link below.


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TOPLEY (née Ottley), Sally - New Hall, 1975

Schoolteacher, Perth, Western Australia


BERLIN, Mark - Corpus Christi, 1979

MPhil International Relations

Professor of Practice, McGill University


PRYDE, Ian - Trinity Hall, 1983

MPhil International Relations

Founder and Chairman, Eurasia Strategy and Communications


AHMED, Sara - Wolfson, 1985

MPhil International Relations, PhD Social and Political Sciences

Based in New Delhi, taking a short break after six years with Canada’s International Development Research Centre


ENAZY, Askar - Emmanuel, 1985

PhD International Studies

Published two books and writing articles on International Law and International Relations. Residing in Boston, MA.



ADDISON, James - St John's, 1986

VP Global Operations, Marriott International, Washington DC

BA Social and Political Science Tripos



GIBBON, Michael - King’s, 1986

MPhil International Relations

QC, Maitland Chambers, Lincoln’s Inn, London



EHINGER, David - Trinity Hall, 1988

Counsellor, Public Affairs at Embassy of Canada, Berlin.

@BRLINPAMPhil in International Relations


MAHER, Michael - Darwin 1991

MPhil International Relations

Currently earning a Master of Arts Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies, US Naval War College, Rhode Island

Most recent previous assignment: Chief, Open Source Element, HQ of the US European Command, Stuttgart (2012-2015)


HACKETT, James - King's, 1992

MPhil International Relations

Editor of 'The Military Balance' and Senior Fellow for Defence and Military Analysis at The International Institute for Strategic Studies


COLLING, Rachael (née BRADLEY) - Fitzwilliam 1995

MPhil International Relations

Communications Officer and the European Forest Institute, Finland


JONES, Lindsay - Trinity Hall, 1995

MPhil International Relations

Entrepreneur, Investor, Company Director for business based across Asia-Pacific. Based in Sydney.


MPhil International Relations

Risk Manager, Mining and Metals Industry

"Currently working as Risk, Government and Community Relations Manager for the Mining business of ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steel company. It's a fascinating and varied role with a huge amount of stakeholder interaction in which my Cambridge Modern History and International Relations background often feels directly relevant! I'm based in London but regularly travelling to mine-sites around the world and dealing with complex topics as diverse as Ebola in Liberia, the civil war in Ukraine, terrorism in North Africa, organised crime in Mexico and indigenous relations in Arctic Canada. Seeing underground coal production in Kazakhstan at first hand has been especially memorable. I would love to hear from fellow M.Phil. alumni of the 1999-2000 class as well as anyone else with a similar role and/or also involved in the extractives industries."


RHINARD, Mark – Queens’, 1997

Associate Professor at Stockholm University, Senior Research Fellow at the Swedish Institute of International AffairsMPhil Sociology and Politics of Modern Society, PhD Social and Political Sciences


STACK, Philip - Queens', 1997

MPhil International Relations

Principal Analyst, Middle East and North Africa at Maplecroft in Bath 


GOERTLER, Andrea - Trinity, 1998

BA Social and Political Science Tripos

Advisor on Transboundary Water Management (currently SE Europe- Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit 



POPOVSKI, Aljosa - Jesus, 2000

MPhil International Relations, PhD International Studies

Now at the NBRM, the central bank of the Republic of Macedonia


RADFORD, Simon- Peterhouse, 2000

BA Social and Political Science

Completing PhD in Political Science and International Relations


BELLO, Oladiran – Darwin, 2001

MPhil International Relations, PhD Politics and International Studies

Programme Head, Governance of Africa’s Resources Programme at the South African Institute of International Affairs


DAVIES, Paul - Trinity Hall, 2001

BA Social and Political Science Tripos

Financial Psychologist, London


HOWELL, Dominic - Selwyn, 2001Howell

MSt International Relations

"I enjoyed my time as one of the first cohort of the MSt in International Relations, and I have been teaching and working in IR ever since. After some time as Head of Politics at Merchant Taylors' School, I have returned to international election observation missions (most recently Ukraine and Tanzania). I have also set up a company providing talks on political literacy and IR to schools ( Do get in touch."


KIRCHHOFF, Christopher – Sidney Sussex, 2001

PhD Politics and International Studies

Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, The Pentagon


LOVISA, Sandro – Selwyn, 2001

PhD International Studies

Vice President for Product Management, SAP SE


BERTELSEN, Rasmus – Churchill, 2002

PhD International Studies

Professor, Barents Chair in Politics, Department of Sociology, Political Science and Community Planning, University of Tromsø and Senior Researcher, Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University


MATERN, David - St Edmund's, 2002Matern

MPhil International Relations

After working for UNHCR and OCHA, recently joined UNICEF as senior adviser responsible for UNICEF's cooperation with the governments of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


MKRTCHYAN, Tigran – Darwin, 2003

MPhil International Relations

Head of the Press, Information and Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia


YEE, D. Brian, Selwyn, 2003

MPhil International Studies

Managing Director, Bradley Woods & Co. Ltd., New York


ANDERSON, Miriam – Hughes Hall, 2004

PhD Politics and International Relations

Assistant Professor, Department of Politics and Public Administration, Ryerson University, Toronto


BASARAN, Tugba – Wolfson, 2004

PhD International Studies

Lecturer, School of Politics and International Relations, University of Kent


MUSILOVA, Veronika – Trinity Hall, 2004

MPhil International Relations

ASEM Contact Point, European External Action Service, Brussels


FORSMAN, Markus – Girton, 2005

BA Social & Political Science

Swedish Ministry of Finance


SHIELDS, Ian - Darwin, 2005

MPhil International Relations

Retired RAF Officer, lecturing part-time at UK Universities


YAMINEVA, Yulia – Newnham, 2005

PhD International Studies

Postdoc, Centre of Climate, Energy and International Law, Law School, University of Eastern Finland


GILLIES, Alexandra – Queens’, 2006

PhD Politics and International Studies

Director of Governance Programs at the Natural Resource Governance Institute, New York


HORNSBY, David – Churchill, 2006

PhD Politics and International Relations

Senior Lecturer in International Relations and Assistant Dean in Humanities, Teaching and Learning, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg


MAY, Cindy – Trinity Hall, 2006

MPhil International Relations, PhD Politics and International Studies

Lecturer, Defence Studies Department, King’s College London


WRIGHT, Christopher – Darwin, 2006

PhD Politics and International Relations

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Business, University of Sydney


KIM, Dan – Pembroke, 2007

PhD Politics and International Studies

Senior Economist, Korea International Trade Association


RALBY, Ian McDowell – St John’s, 2007

MPhil International Relations, PhD Politics and International Studies

Founder and Executive Director, IR Consilium


FIOTT, Daniel - St Edmund's, 2008

MPhil International Relations

Researcher in Political Science, Institute for European Studies, Free University of Brussels


FAUL, Moira – Sidney Sussex, 2009

PhD Politics and International Studies

Senior Advisor, Centre for Science and Policy and Humanitarian Care, University of Cambridge


Joseph Hatfield

HATFIELD, Joseph - Selwyn, 2009 

MSt International Studies, PhD in Politics and International Studies

Assistant Professor of Political Science, United States Naval Academy, Annapolis


GROUILLE, Olivier- Clare College, 2010

MPhil in International Relations

Reading for a PhD researching counter-terrorism and strategy. Running a Cambridge-based defence, security and foreign policy think tank called CamSAI- The Cambridge Security Analysis Institute. We are always looking for new Associate Fellows so please !


KENT, Avidan – Wolfson, 2010

PhD Politics and International Relations

Lecturer in School of Law, University of East Anglia


GIOE, David – Corpus Christi, 2011

PhD Politics and International Studies

Assistant Professor of Military History, United States Military Academy, West Point


KAPOOR, Digant - Queens', 2012

Mphil in International Relations

COO, Shaurya Furnishing- heading a 29 year old family business specialising in furnishing fabrics.


BARNES, Colin (Dr.), Wolfson, 2013

MSt International Relations

Working as an independent economist in the areas of environmental and marine economics and policy. I have just completed an assignment with WWF in East Africa. 


 -  indicates a Gates Cambridge Scholarship 


Year given is year of matriculation.