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Flora Alvarez-Acosta


Flora graduated from the Universidad Panamericana in Mexico, where she obtained a degree in Law and received a cum laude distinction for her dissertation about the applicability of criminal law principles to administrative infringement proceedings.  She has worked as a litigation lawyer, representing companies in cases related to market power analysis, market regulation and anticompetitive practices in telecommunication markets. Flora has also been involved in the implementation of programmes aimed to tackle mobility issues, such as parking meters, bicycles-sharing schemes and regulation of parking lots, subject of great interest in light of challenges faced by large urban areas such as Mexico City. She decided to study the MPP programme after realizing the many shortcomings and inconsistencies of most of the policies implemented by authorities in these sectors; flaws that frequently derived in the lack of implementation or annulment of praiseworthy programmes by Courts. Flora is looking forward to deepen her understanding of telecommunication markets in order to boost access to new technologies in developing countries.