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Kazuhiro Nomoto


Kazuhiro Nomoto is a young Japanese professional with a unique set of skills in global business, specifically in infrastructure development and Japanese policies in the geo-economic dimension possessing hands-on insight on how policy-making and international business intertwine. He worked in the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), a Japanese government-owned bank responsible for advancing Japanese external economic policy, where he engaged in infrastructure development for emerging countries in cooperation with other policy banks, as well as multilateral development banks. While working in the PRC from 2014 to 2017 as the JBIC Representative there, he published a number of articles regarding the BRI and Mongolian political economy in the Nikkei Industrial Journal (The Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun). He also built up an extensive network in the Chinese government, research institutes and key financial vehicles that back up the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).


He is joining the MPP at Cambridge in order to equip himself with tools necessary to further pursue a career in the public sector globally, and ultimately become a Japanese leader who deeply understands both the West and the PRC, thereby bridging a long-existing divergence between the two domains of policy-making and academia in Japan.


In his spare time, he enjoys jogging, reading, playing football (as a goalie), and shaping his independent thinking through meeting and listening to people from various backgrounds.


Kazuhiro is fluent in English, Mandarin and Japanese, and received a B.A. in Global Political Economy from Waseda University in Japan. He also studied Mandarin and completed EMBA courses at Peking University in the PRC. He joins the MPP under the auspices of the British Council Japan Association Scholarship.