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Ugonma Nwankwo


Ugonma Nwankwo graduated from Loyola Marymount University (LMU) with a bachelor's degree in Political Science. At LMU, Ugonma actively participated in student government and was one of nine elected senators. She later served as the Chair of University Affairs overseeing all student issues pertaining to intercultural affairs, social justice, and environmental responsibility. Ugonma received the Stanley Chan award which is given to one graduating Political Science student for their academic excellence and commitment to social justice. Her interest in government and policy-related work led her to become a Policy Intern at San Francisco City Hall, McKesson Corporation, and later at the World Policy Institute. To unite her interests in public policy and emerging markets, Ugonma worked as a Foreign Exchange Operations Specialist with Wells Fargo Bank where she learned how public policies can impact volatility levels in developing countries and influence exchange rates. Ugonma seeks to obtain a master's degree in Public Policy to better understand if a framework that prioritizes the inclusion of impacted communities in the policy making process can contribute to lasting economic growth. In her spare time, you can find Ugonma at local restaurants trying dishes from around the world.