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Halah Ahmad


Halah Ahmad graduated from Harvard with a degree in The Comparative Study of Religion with Sociology as a secondary field, and will be a Lionel de Jersey Harvard Scholar at Emmanuel College. She has completed ethnographic research for the Ministry of Urban Development in Albania, as well as ethnographic research on empathy, living among volunteers in the Greek refugee crisis of 2016. She comes to the MPP program on the heels of that research and senatorial campaign work for former US Senator Russ Feingold. Halah grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in a mixed family with a German-American mother, a Palestinian father, and five sisters (yes, that many!). Her studies have consistently been inspired by this background, bringing her back to research minority religious communities, segregation and other urban issues in her hometown, as well as international issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and post-colonial governments' ties to popular religion. Halah's hobbies include photography, film work, and studio arts, especially mural painting. She would also love to find a tennis partner at Cambridge!