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Jasmine (Chieh Ying) Luk


Jasmine Luk possesses over five years of experience working for four Government of Canada ministries (Transport, Citizenship & Immigration, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Human Resources & Skills Development) in Vancouver and Ottawa. Jasmine completed her degree in Sociology (Hon.) and International Relations at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Born in Taiwan, Jasmine immigrated to Canada with her family at the age of seven. In her Honours thesis, Jasmine examined the pathways and barriers for post-secondary educated immigrants who work in secondary labour markets in Metro Vancouver. While Jasmine has had the opportunity to participate in bilateral meetings and international conferences at work, she has also experienced humbling moments when speaking face-to-face with thousands of immigrants and refugees in front-line operations. Having experienced the challenges of navigating through changing political climates, limited budgets, and complex bureaucracies, Jasmine is looking forward to learning about tangible tools and strategies for policy development at Cambridge.