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Rosanna Saffell


Born and raised in the UK, Rosie completed a degree in Politics at the University of Manchester. She pursued her interest in policy throughout her undergraduate studies, interning with Action Against Hunger in Southern Africa as well as documenting the role of China across the African continent and the subsequent impact on Western NGOs. After graduating, Rosie worked as a management consultant for Deloitte and most recently, Baringa Partners. At Deloitte, she gained experience working on a  number of projects focussed on supporting banks to understand and implement the volume of EU regulation designed to prevent ’too big to fail’ in the aftermath of the financial crisis. At Baringa, Rosie worked with banks across the world to design and deliver fairer financial services through the use of FinTech, digital payments and financial literacy programmes. As both a school trustee and governor, Rosie is also interested in the key trends regarding UK education policy, in particular, the role of policy in supporting students with special needs.