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Abhijit Banare

Abhijit Banare

Supervisor: Dr. Roberto Stefan Foa

College: St. Edmund’s College


Abhijit decided to pursue the public policy course on the back of his experience in engaging with legislatures in India. Elected representatives in India lack adequate institutional research support to analyse legislation and policies before they are debated and approved in parliament, state legislatures. As part of PRS Legislative Research, Abhijit has led initiatives to bridge this capacity gap at the state level. His work has included briefing legislators on proposed bills, implications of budgetary allocations and a range of topics that come up for discussions in legislatures. He has also anchored several workshops for elected representatives aimed at strengthening their role as policymakers.


His decision to work with PRS Legislative Research was strongly influenced by his year-long stint as a Legislative Assistant to Member of Parliament (LAMP) Fellow. He worked with Mr. Om Birla, an MP from the state of Rajasthan, where he was responsible for the member’s parliamentary research. Prior to his work in the policy sector, Abhijit has worked as a journalist for two years after completing his under-graduation from the University of Mumbai.