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Alifa Starlika

Alifa Starlika

Supervisor: Dr Roberto Stefan Foa

College: Wolfson


Alifa Starlika graduated from the University of Indonesia where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Economics and earned the third place for the highest GPA in Economics.  She has worked as an Enterprise Account Manager for banking and financial services in International Business Machines (IBM)– supporting bank’s digital transformation and building IT strategies and solutions to accelerate their digitalisation journey.  Prior to her experience in IBM, Alifa was a monetary and state finance analyst at the Ministry of Planning and Development (BAPPENAS) Indonesia, where she developed an early warning system as a part of an academic research “Controlling Inflation through Policy Intervention using Big Data: Study of Administered Inflation in Indonesia”.  Most recently, Alifa has just co-founded an education foundation for Indonesia’s Economics Olympiad (YOEI) to train and to groom young talents to become outstanding economists and accountants.   She is passionate about teaching, education, economics policy, politics, technology and would love to apply her skills in these fields. 

Research Interests

Digital Economy, Debt, International Trade and Finances, and Banks