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Dario P. Munoz Poletti

Dario P.  Munoz Poletti

Supervisor: Dr Tanya Filer

College: Fitzwilliam College


Dario Munoz was born in Asuncion, Paraguay. He started his professional career as a tennis player as a teenager, and in 2012 decide to play college tennis at the NCAA in the United States of America at Washburn University tennis team. He graduated from Washburn University Business School in 2016 where he obtained two majors: a BBA in Finance and a BBA in Economics. Dario graduated with the honours Magna Cum Laude and School of Business Scholar, and also during his career was at the MIAA Student-Athlete Honour Roll, Presidential Honour Roll, School of Business Honour Roll, and finally became member of Betta Gamma Sigma International School of Business Honour Society because of his academic achievements. 

His professional experience goes from portfolio management, corporate financial management, fundamental/technical analysis to public budgeting and economic policy advising. 

Research Interests

Among his main areas of interest are economic cycles, fiscal policy, monetary and financial policy, corporate finance, economic development, entrepreneurship & innovation, and Austrian economics.