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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)



Ievgeniia Bodnya is a young Ukrainian professional, activists and Global Shaper. Her main objective is to dedicated affords to develop durable solutions for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Ukraine. She was awarded a World Wide Studies and Cambridge Trust Scholarships to study public policy in Cambridge University.


Ievgeniia has a legal background in Ukraine. As a student, she participated in the Phillip C. Jessup Moot Court Competition. Ievgeniia studied European studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Afterward she successfully applied her knowledge at the Government Office for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, where she was responsible for facilitating European integration.


For the last two years, Ievgeniia worked in the Danish Refugee Council, an international humanitarian organisation, focusing on developing affordable housing programmes for IDPs. Ievgeniia dedicated efforts to the design the rent-to-own model of purchasing housing. In a long-term perspective, this project benefits more than 500 IDPs by restoring their housing rights.


Ievgeniia is actively engaged in the civil society and reforms' implementation in Ukraine since 2014 and worked in Reanimation Package of Reform, the largest coalition of leading NGOs facilitating and implementing reforms. She was a part of a team of activists who deliver impact by conducting advocacy campaigns on economic and social transformations.


In Cambridge, she wants to research on effective cooperation with international stakeholders, especially in terms of international financial aid to developing countries. It links to the democratic transformations, restoring security and reconciliation of Eastern Ukraine.


My core research interest includes how international financial assistance influence policy-making process in developing countries. What is the impact of international aid on achieving democratic transformation and implementing reforms in developing countries? On Ukrainian example, I would like to consider what is the effect of the international aid in Eastern Ukraine on achieving security and restoring governance in government-controlled areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions? What are the future perspectives of international aid to Ukraine on facilitating the reintegration and reconciliation of Eastern Ukraine?