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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)



Rethinking approaches to expanding access to justice.

Law and public policy.


Key publications: 
  • Douglas Gichuki and Yohana Gadaffi, Roadmaps for Digitisation of Judicial Processes: A Preliminary Survey in Three Jurisdictions’ Strathmore University Microsoft Policy Innovation Centre Working Paper WP/1/05/2018.
  • Yohana Gadaffi & Esther Chege, ‘Law Clinics and Access to Justice in Kenya: Bridging the Legal Divide’ (2016) International Journal of Clinical Legal Education Vol 23 Issue 5, 107-134.
  • Yohana Gadaffi & Miriam Tatu, ‘Derivative Action under the Companies Act 2015: New Jurisprudence or Mere Codification of Common Law Principles?’ (2016) 2 Strathmore Law Review, 75-96.
  • Yohana Gadaffi and Nancy Baraza, ‘Feminism and Family Law Reforms in Kenya: A Feminist Critique’ Africa Nazarene University Law Journal Vol 2 (2014) pp 126-147.