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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

College: Christ’s College


Stephen G F Hall is an ESRC postdoctoral fellow at POLIS analysing authoritarian regime learning principally in the post-Soviet space. He has written extensively on this topic having been published in East European Politics, Russian Politics and the Journal of Eurasian Studies. He completed his PhD at University College London at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies. He is currently Visting Professor at the Higher School of Economics - National Research University in St. Petersburg.



Hybrid Regimes



Post-Soviet Politics

De Facto States




Key publications: 

Key Publications:

2019. “Improving the Kremlin’s Preventive Counter-Revolution Practices after the 2011-2012 Winter of Discontent and the Euromaidan.” Russian Politics. 4 (4): 466-491.


(with Peter Braga – lead author). 2019. “China’s emerging liberal partnership order and Russian and US responses: Evidence from the Belt and Road Initiative in Eurasia.” In Socialism, Capitalism and Alternatives: Area Studies and Global Theories edited by Peter J. S. Duncan and Elisabeth Schimpfössl. London: UCL Press: 131-157.


2017a. “Learning from past experience: Yanukovych’s implementation of authoritarianism after 2004.” Journal of Eurasian Studies. 8 (2): 161-171.


2017b. “Preventing a Colour Revolution: the Belarusian example as an illustration for the Kremlin?” East European Politics. 33 (2): 162-183.


2017c. “Reconsidering Western Concepts of the Ukrainian Conflict: The Rise to Prominence of Russia’s “Soft Power” Policy.” In Vocabularies of International Relations after the Crisis in Ukraine edited by Andrey Makarychev and Alexandra Yatsyk. New York and London: Routledge.


(with Thomas Ambrosio. 2017. “Authoritarian learning: a conceptual overview.” East European Politics. 33 (2): 143-161.

Other publications: 

Other Publication:

2020. “Fatigued Authoritarianism in Belarus?”


2017. “The Godfather goes up against his ‘Goddaughter.’”


2016a. “Elections In Belarus: The Continuation of a New Model?”


2016b. “Oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc learns to consolidate authoritarianism in Moldova.”


2015a. “EU Considers Lifting Sanctions, Putin’s Proposed Air Base – Western Press Digest.”


2015b. “Presidential Elections in Europe’s Hermit Kingdom.”


2015c. “The Creep of Nationalism in the First Russian State.”


2014a. “The Radicalisation of the Situation requires a Radical Answer.”


2014b. “The Sad Radicalisation of Protest.”


2013a. “A Letter to the People of Romania and Bulgaria.”


2013b. “Another Authoritarian is Elected in Tajikistan and still no Western Condemnation.”


2013c. “Biryulyovo: Another Event in a Continuing Crisis.”


2013d. “Catalonia: Holding Hands for Independence.”


2013e. “Greenpeace Invades Russia.”


2013f. “Lithuania’s Presidential Policy – A New Approach towards Belarus?”


2013g. “Russia: The Last Authoritarian Empire?”


2013h. “Russia Winning by Default.”


2013i. “Shout the Words Sanctions.”

2013j. “The Growth of the Georgian Night...I mean Dream.”


2013k. “The Heads of Armenia and Azerbaijani meet...and very little Happens.”


2013l. “The Russian Local Elections: A Little Surprise?”


2013m. “Ukrainian’s Categorical Answer.”


2013n. “Vladislav Surkov: The Return of the Puppet Master in Russia.”


2013o. “Wait for the Dust to Settle then Try Again!”

ESRC postdoctoral fellow
Dr Stephen  G F  Hall
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