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Andreas Hirblinger

Andreas Hirblinger

Dealing with the Trouble at the Margins: Discourses on Conflict and the Negotiation of Governing Rationality in South Sudan

Supervisors: Devon Curtis, Tarak Barkawi

Research Interests

African Politics
Postcolonial Governmentality
Ethnicity and Nationalism
Civil Wars
Postcolonial Theory

Key Publications

Hirblinger, Andreas (2015). "The good, the bad, and the powerful: Representations of the 'local' in peacebuilding", Security Dialogue. 

Hirblinger, Andreas (2014). “Negotiating a Settlement in South Sudan: Peace and Power”, African Arguments.

Hirblinger, Andreas (2014). “South Sudan: Defense of Constitutionalism may just Secure the Power of the Powerful”, African Arguments.

Hirblinger, Andreas and Sara de Simone (2013). “What is ‘Tribalism’ and why does is Matter in South Sudan?”, African Arguments.