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Arthur Ghins

Arthur Ghins

Dissertation Title: Public Opinion in Benjamin Constant’s Political Thought

Supervisor: Christopher Brooke


I am a historian of political thought and political theorist. I submitted my PhD at the University of Cambridge in July 2019. I hold graduate degrees in law (Université Catholique de Louvain), philosophy (KU Leuven) and political theory (LSE). I have been a visiting researcher at SciencesPo Paris (CEVIPOF).

From August 2019, I will be a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Political Theory Project, Brown University.

My doctoral work reinterprets Benjamin Constant's political thought and intellectual itinerary. My research interests revolve around 18-19th c. French political thought, and include debates about political legitimacy, sovereignty, regime forms, constitutional engineering and representative government. I'm also interested in the history of 'French liberalism' as a distinct tradition or paradigm.



In Cambridge, I have supervised second-year undergraduates following the course in history of political thought c. 1700 – c. 1890 (POL8). In 2018-2019, I am teaching a third-year undergraduate seminar in legal theory at UCLouvain (Brussels campus) on historical critiques of human rights.


Key Publications

'Benjamin Constant and Public Opinion in Post-Revolutionary France,' History of Political Thought, 40/3 (2019), pp. 484-514.

‘Benjamin Constant and the Politics of Reason,’ History of European Ideas, 44/2 (2018), pp. 224-243.