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Arthur Ghins


Prior to coming to Cambridge, I completed a dual training in Law (BA,MA) and Philosophy (BA, MA) in Belgium, as well as an MSc in Political Theory at the LSE. I have been a visiting researcher at SciencesPo Paris, KU Leuven and the Centre de Théorie Politique at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Research Interests

Modern History of Political Thought

French Liberalism 

The Political Philosophy of the Enlightement

Modern French Political Theory (e.g. Pierre Rosanvallon, Marcel Gauchet)

Religion and Politics


In Cambridge, I have supervised second-year undergraduates following the course in history of political thought c. 1700 – c. 1890 (POL8). In 2018-2019, I am teaching a third-year undergraduate seminar in legal theory at UCLouvain (Brussels campus) on historical critiques of human rights.

Key Publications

'Benjamin Constant on Public Opinion in Post-Revolutionary FranceHistory of Political Thought, forthcoming. 

Benjamin Constant and the Politics of Reason’ History of European Ideas, 44 (2), 2018, pp. 224-243.