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Carol Jean Gallo

Carol Jean Gallo

Local Knowledge and Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Supervisor: Dr Devon Curtis

College: Queens' College

Research Interests



African Studies

Genocide Studies

Armed Groups


Democratic Republic of Congo

Languages and Linguistics

International Relations

Liberal (and Post-Liberal) Peacebuilding

Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief

Stabilization and Reconstruction

Post Conflict Issues

Qualitative Research Methodologies

Key Publications

With Josaphat Musamba Bussy, “Regional Perspectives on the Liberal Peace: The Great Lakes Region of Africa,” in Dimensions of Peace: Disciplinary and Regional Approaches (Palgrave Macmillan), ed. Oliver P. Richmond, Sandra Pogodda, and Jasmin Ramovic, forthcoming


With Tharcisse Kayira, Murhega Mashanda, and Pieter Vanholder, “Participatory Action Research in the Democratic Republic of Congo: The Case of Fizi and Uvira,” in Becoming Local Capacities for Peace: Participatory Action Research and Strategic Peacebuilding (Pub. TBD), ed. John Paul Lederach and Laura K. Taylor, forthcoming


With Jason Warner, “Iran-Africa Relations: The Troubled Bridge of Third World Speech,” in The Handbook of Africa’s International Relations, ed. Tim Murithi (Routledge, 2013)


“The Informal Economy and Resource Exploitation in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” St. Antony’s International Review (Oxford University), 7:2, February 2012


Chapter 13: “Researching Genocide in Africa: Establishing Ethnological and Historical Context,” in New Directions in Genocide Research, ed. Adam Jones (Routledge, 2012)


“Rethinking the Development Aid Paradigm,” Yale Journal of International Affairs, 5:1, Winter 2010


Chapter 9: “Prisons and NGOs,” in Corrections, Mental Health, and Social Policy: International Perspectives, ed. Robert K. Ax and Thomas J. Fagan (Charles C. Thomas Publishers Ltd., 2007)