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Léonie de Jonge

Léonie de Jonge

Populism and Xenophobia in Small Western European States: Success and Failure of Right-Wing Populist Parties with an Anti-Immigration Agenda

Supervisor: Dr Julie Smith

Right-Wing Populist Parties in Western Europe

Research Interests

Right-Wing Populist Parties in Western Europe

Key Publications

'First Brexit and now Trump: what is populism and how might we view it?'

University of Cambridge: Research, January 2017.


'The Nationalist International: Is There a Brown Network in the Making?'

E-International Relations, March 2017.


'Emmanuel Macron’s Centrist Victory May Only Add Fuel to the Populist

Fire: France’s Middle-of-the-Road Strategy Risks Alienating the Left,

Enraging the Right, and Inspiring Almost No One' Zócalo Public Square,

July 2017.


"What’s left of Luxembourg’s Left?", Policy Network, State of the Left.

February 2018.


“The biggest loser? State of the left in the age of right-wing populism”

- original:

- reprint:


"The Populist Radical Right and the Media in the Benelux: Friend or Foe?" in The International Journal of Press/Politics. [Online, December 2018]