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Donald Bray

Donald Bray

Socio-Political Organization in Contemporary Southern Afghanistan: Understanding Political Dynamics amongst the Helmandi Pashtun

Supervisor: Professor George Joffé

College: Sidney Sussex

Research Interests

Primary research interests include: Political Anthropology, Social and Political Organisation, Social Networks, Network Theory, Structuralism, Urban Ethnography, Tribal Societies, Counterinsurgency, Political Settlement, Stabilisation, Statebuilding, Natural Resources and the Extractives Sector


Regions of interest: Middle East, Afghanistan and Central Asia, South East Asia and China, Colombia and South America

Key Publications

A Political Economy of the Extractives Sector in Afghanistan: Understanding the Politics of Mining (April 2014)

Desert Peoples: Understanding Socio-Political Dynamics and the Opium Economy within Helmand’s Dashte Regions (July 2013)

The Temple Economy – Understanding the foundations of the political economy in Bali, Indonesia (2013)

A Blueprint for Political Settlement in Central Helmand (2012-2013)

Traditional Customs, Islamic Shari’a and the Rule of Law: The Pluralistic Legal System of Contemporary Afghanistan (2008-2009)

Traditional Governance in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (2007)

Linkages between Economic Development and Stabilisation: Microfinance in Iraq (2007)

Bioenergy and Economic Development in Sudan’s Three Areas (2006)

Local Capacity Development in Iraq: A Regional Approach (2005)