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Dr Daniel Larsen

Dr Daniel Larsen

Temporary Lecturer


I previously held a Junior Research Fellowship at Trinity College, Cambridge. My MPhil and PhD degrees are from Christ's College, Cambridge, and I previously completed my BA at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Research Interests

My research interests are principally in American and British foreign policy and intelligence, particularly in the first half of the twentieth century.

 I have focussed especially on Anglo-American relations and British war policy in the First World War era, with an emphasis on the role of British intelligence. My first book, Plotting for Peace, is forthcoming with Cambridge University Press, and it re-examines American peace diplomacy and the British diplomatic and political response to it during 1914 to 1917.  I am especially interested in the role of codebreaking in shaping foreign policy, the role of secrecy in diplomacy, and I am currently moving into the area of international economics and finance and its importance in Anglo-American wartime relations.


I am co-convenor for POL14 "U.S. Foreign Policy", during 2019-2020.  I am also a Temporary College Lecturer in History at Trinity College.

Key Publications

“Creating an American Culture of Secrecy: Cryptography in Wilson-Era Diplomacy”, Diplomatic History. (January 2020)

“A Missing Dimension No Longer: Intelligence Studies, Professor Christopher Andrew, and the University of Cambridge”, in Liam Gerson (ed.), Routledge International Handbook of Universities, Security and Intelligence Studies. (Routledge, October 2019)

“British Signals Intelligence and the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland”, Intelligence and National Security, 33/1 (2018), pp. 48-66.
“British Codebreaking and American Diplomatic Telegrams, 1914-1915”, Intelligence and National Security 32/2 (2017), pp. 256-263.
“Intelligence in the First World War: The State of the Field”, Intelligence and National Security 29/2 (2014), pp. 282-382.

“Abandoning Democracy: Woodrow Wilson and Promoting German Democracy, 1918-1919”, Diplomatic History 37/3 (2013), pp. 476-508.

“War Pessimism in Britain and an American Peace in Early 1916”, International History Review 34/4 (2012), pp. 795-817.

“British Intelligence and the 1916 Mediation Mission of Colonel Edward M. House”, Intelligence and National Security 25/5 (2010), pp. 682-704.