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Dr Eliza Garnsey


Eliza Garnsey is a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow in International Relations at the University of Cambridge.


Eliza’s current research focuses on visual jurisprudence; developing a new theory of art and justice. ‘Visual jurisprudence’ is a recent concept referring to the array of visual evidence used inside the courtroom. For example, how do photographs engender belief when presented as evidence during a case? However, what does it mean when ‘visuals’ are not only presented as evidence but when they take the form of artworks and inhabit the space of a court? How do artworks and other instances of visual culture affect the provision of justice both inside and outside the courtroom? While images of judges and insignias are common sights in courts, other artworks and art collections are increasingly housed by and displayed in courts. The conception of visual jurisprudence Eliza is developing theorises how artworks become central to the bodies of aesthetic knowledge that shape how justice is understood and that shape the appearance of justice. Her research draws on fieldwork conducted in Australia, the Netherlands, and South Africa.


Eliza completed her PhD in International Relations at the University of Cambridge. She holds a Masters of International Affairs from the Australian National University, a Master of Studies in Art History and Visual Culture from the University of Oxford, and a Bachelor of Art Theory (Honours) from the University of New South Wales.


Eliza is a member of the Editorial Board of In The Long Run and a College Research Associate at Wolfson College. 

Research Interests

Research interests: aesthetics and International Relations, art, visual politics, human rights, transitional justice, feminism, and methods.

Key Publications

  • Garnsey, E. ‘The sight and site of transitional justice’, in Critical Spaces of Transitional Justice, eds. Arnaud Kurze and Christopher Lamont, University of Pennsylvania Press [forthcoming 2017].
  • Garnsey, E. ‘Framing Human Dignity: visual jurisprudence at South Africa’s Constitutional Court’, The Australian Journal of Human Rights Vol. 22/2 (Dec 2016) 81-102. 
  • Garnsey, E. ‘Rewinding and unwinding: art and justice in times of political transition’, International Journal of Transitional Justice, Vol. 10 (Jun 2016) 471-91.
  • Garnsey, E. ‘Advocating for the Scales of Memory: museums as sites of transitional justice’, Journal of Communication and Development Studies (Jun 2014) 1-14.