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Dr George Karekwaivanane

Dr George Karekwaivanane

Smuts Researcher in African Studies


Centre of African Studies


George Karekwaivanane's research interests are in African social and political history. He is interested in exploring the ways that law and legal struggles can be used to shed light on social and political processes in African history.He is currently working on a book project which examines the ways that law was deployed in the constitution and contestation of state power and legitimacy in Zimbabwe between 1950 and 1990.Among other things, the project analyses to the way that the law was deployed instrumentally and discursively in struggles between Africans and the state and how this shifted over time. His next project will focus on the role of African legal professionals in Zimbabwean history.It examines the experiences of these individuals as well as their influence on the way social and political struggles have been pursued.