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Dylan Loh

Dylan Loh

Contemporary Chinese Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia

Graduate Research Fellow of the Maritime Governance programme in the Centre for Rising Powers

St Catharine's College

Supervisor: Dr Ayse Zarakol

Chinese Foreign Policy


Contentious Politics

Sociological International Relations

Key Publications

Dylan Loh, (2015) Hong Kong's Political Future after the "Umbrella Revolution", RSIS Policy Report, 

Dylan Loh, (2015) ASEAN's norm adherence and its unintended consequences in HADR and SAR operations, The Pacific Review,

Desker, Barry; Teo Li Shan, Sarah and Ming Hui, Dylan Loh. (2015) The ASEAN regional forum and its continued relevance [online]. New Zealand International Review, Vol. 40, No. 4: 17-20

Li Ming Jiang and Dylan Loh (2015) China's fluid assertiveness in the South China Sea dispute in Security and Conflict in East Asia, ed. Andrew Tan, Routledge: Oxon