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Esma Akkilic

Esma Akkilic

Automation in Comparative Capitalisms

Supervisor: Professor Diane Coyle

College: Trinity College


Esma's PhD examines the impact of automation-induced restructuring in the manufacturing sector on substantive job quality outcomes of blue collar workers whose skills are deemed obsolete and who are disrupted/displaced further to automation-implementation. She conducts a comparative political economy analysis, looking at cross-country differences of this phenomenon at the sectoral level of automobile production plants in the USA (Detroit), Germany (Munich), and Sweden (Gothenburg).

Currently, she is a junior research member at the international UC Berkeley 'Work and Intelligent Tools & Systems (WITS)' research centre. Prior to joining the University of Cambridge in 2017, Esma was economic policy researcher at the European Economic & Social Committee (one of the EU institutions in Brussels). She completed her M.Sc. in Public Policy & Administration (with the highest distinction), and her B.Sc. in Government studies, both at the London School of Economics.

Research Interests

Political economy of technology and innovation, labour economics, technological change and socio-economic consequences, the welfare state

Key Publications

Politicians in white coats? Scientific advisory committees and policy in Britain’ (2017) in the Journal of Public Policy and Administration