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Joshua Smeltzer

Joshua Smeltzer

Carl Schmitt and the Law of Nations

Supervisor: Professor Duncan Kelly

College: Trinity Hall


Before coming to Cambridge, Joshua Smeltzer graduated with a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from Colgate University and an M.Sc. in Politics, Economics and Philosophy from the University of Hamburg. While in Germany, he has held fellowships from both Fulbright and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). He also worked as a research assistant to Bernd Greiner at the Hamburg Institute for Social Research from 2015-2016. 


Additionally, Joshua is the Co-organiser of the DAAD-Cambridge Hub Workshop 'Future Wishes are famously subverted': Reinhart Koselleck's Legacy in Germany and Beyond. 

Research Interests

Modern Political and Legal Thought

International Law

20th Century German History

Just War

Key Publications


- Utopia and Utopianism in the Political Thought of Carl Schmitt, Journal of the History of Ideas (Accepted)  

- Hans Wehberg and the jus belli ac pacis in Interwar International Law, Global Intellectual History (Online First, 2018)

- “Germany’s Salvation”: Carl Schmitt’s Teleological History of the Second Reich, History of European Ideas 44 (2018)

- On the Use and Abuse of Francisco de Vitoria: James Brown Scott and Carl Schmitt, Journal of the History of International Law 20 (2018)

Book Chapters:

- “Carl Schmitt on the Theory and Practice of Occupation and Dictatorship” in International Law and History, eds. A. Brett, M. Donaldson and M. Koskenniemi. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming). [Coauthored with Duncan Kelly]. 

Book Reviews:

Ex Captivitate Salus by Carl Schmitt, ed. Andreas Kalyvas and Federico Finchelstein. History of Political Thought (Forthcoming 2018)

- Jens Meierhenrich. Remnants of the Rechtsstaat: An Ethnography of Nazi Law. London School of Economics Review of Books. 

- Colonial Captivity during the First World War by Mahon Murphy. London School of Economics Review of Books. 

- Assembly by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, London School of Economics Review of Books

- Ordinary Virtues by Michael Ignatieff, London School of Economics Review of Books

- Marx, Capital and the Madness of Economic Reason by David Harvey, London School of Economics Review of Books