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Juan Muñoz-Portillo

Juan Muñoz-Portillo

Philomathia Post-doctoral Research Associate


In 2013, I received my PhD in Politics and International Relations from Dublin City University. Prior to moving to Cambridge I was a Post-doctoral Fellow at Dublin City University.


Between 2014 and 2017 I will be working with Prof Andrew Gamble, Dr Helen Thompson and Dr Pieter van Houten on the project “The consequences of the politics of austerity in the European Union”. This project consists of two parts. In the first stage we will document and analyse the specific ways in which states in the EU have implemented fiscal austerity programs. In the second stage we will analyse various social and political consequences of the politics of austerity.

Research Interests

My research interests lie in comparative political economy and international political economy, in particular, but not solely, electoral systems and the behaviour of legislators, the influence of political institutions on public spending, and politics and sovereign debt.

Key Publications

McMenamin, I., Breen, M. and Muñoz-Portillo, J. (2015). Austerity and credibility in the Eurozone. European Union Politics, 1(16), pp. 325-346.