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Dr Maja Spanu

Dr Maja Spanu

Junior Research Fellow

Co-convener of the International Relations & History Working Group

Homerton College


Maja is a Junior Research Fellow in International Relations at Homerton College. She also collaborates to the ERC-funded project “Individualisation of War” at the European University Institute, Italy.

She received her Ph.D in Political and Social Sciences from the European University Institute.

Research Interests

Her primary research interests include historical International Relations (19th and 20th centuries), empire and civilisational discourses in 20th century world politics as well as historical methodologies in the study of International Relations. She also has separate research interests in the history of civilian protection.


Her current book project, Hierarchy and Order after Empire:

self-determination and the constitution of inequality offers a re-reading of the history of self-determination over the twentieth century. In it, she shows how the realisation of self-determination involves a recurrent tension, a tension between the egalitarian aspirations of self-determination and the practices associated with it that, she argues, produce stratifications among and within states. While she demonstrates that this has been true throughout the twentieth century, the book also shows that this tension has taken different forms for each wave of expansion of international society examined: after World War I, in the post-1945 decolonisation years, and with the break-up of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia in the late twentieth century.