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Maryam Tanwir

Maryam  Tanwir

Research Fellow

Centre of Development Studies


Her recent research and professional responsibilities have both focussed on International development and good governance. Since the completion of her PhD, she was contracted as an International consultant for evaluating the development interventions of international organizations. She worked as an Evaluation consultant for the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and a gender consultant the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), based in Rome, Italy. The work focused on evaluation of the Development initiatives of these organizations with a focus on gender, poverty, institutional efficiency and economic growth. Prior to her PhD she worked as urban economist for government of Punjab, in Pakistan. She has also worked as a research associate for the Anti-money laundering project, for the World Bank.

Research Interests

Maryam is currently pursuing post-doctoral research that examines the performance of performance standards and their correlation to bureaucratic efficiency. Her previous research in the Centre of development studies investigated the lack of good governance in developing countries, by examining the inability of the bureaucrat to ensure development which remained correlated to erroneous performance assessment and political alignment. Her recent academic and professional research interests focussed on good governance, institutional efficiency, civil service performance, performance measurement, gender empowerment and poverty reduction.