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Mimi Michael Howard

Mimi Michael Howard

Thesis Title: Genealogy, Tradition, and Critique in Post-war German Political Thought

Supervisor: Professor Duncan Kelly

College: King's College

Research Interests

Modern European intellectual history, history of political thought, political theory, critical theory Marxism, feminist theory, and religion.

My PhD research focuses on the contributions of a group of German émigré thinkers to post-war renewal of political philosophy. I am most interested in the way they both call upon and stage a critique of philosophical tradition in the project of broadening the remit of political thought—one that centered not so much the state, institutions, or notions of justice, but rather on a deep questioning of what constitutes a political subject. In so doing, and in contrast to movements in Anglo-American political philosophy, these thinkers appealed not to social scientific or psychological explanations of politics, but to phenomenological and genealogical method, centring experience and history in their attempts to carve out a non-positivist epistemology of politics and political life.

Other Publications


“Hannah Arendt’s Contribution to a Critique of Political Economy,” New German Critique (Forthcoming: August 2020).


“Hito Steyerl’s Gray Zone,” Another Gaze: A Feminist Film Journal (Summer, 2019).

 Review of Friedrich Nietzsche, Anti-Education (NYRB, 2015): “Pedagogy with a Hammer,”  Los Angeles Review of Books (January, 2016).