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Nicholas Chan

Nicholas Chan

Making Moderates: The Politics of Counter-Terror in Southeast Asia

Supervisor: Dr Iza Hussin

College: St Catharine’s

Research Interests

Politics of Radicalism and Counter-Radicalisation, Religio-Political Discourse, Authoritarianism, Southeast Asian State and Society

Key Publications

Zairil Khir Johari and Nicholas Chan, “The Need for Decentralization: A Historical Analysis of Malaysia’s Education System” in Cynthia Joseph (ed.) Policies and Politics in Malaysian Education Education Reforms, Nationalism and Neoliberalism, London, Routledge, forthcoming.


Nicholas Chan, “Reining in the IGP’s Power: Decentralisation as an Option”, IDEAS Policy Paper No. 43, 2017, at


Nicholas Chan, “The Malaysian State Responds to IS: Force, Discourse, and Dilemma”, Middle East Institute, 2017, at


Nicholas Chan, “Personalities and institutional power in Malaysia”, New Mandala, 2016, at


Nicholas Chan, “Strengthening the Royal Malaysia Police by Enhancing Accountability”, IDEAS Policy Paper No. 33, 2016, at