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Njoki Wamai


Njoki Wamai successfully completed her Phd in Politics and International studies Department as a Gates Cambridge Scholar in 2017. Her thesis focused on everyday politics of intervention with a specific focus on citizen agency in delegitimizing the International Criminal Court in Kenya through post-modern ideas about power advanced by Michel Foucalt and post-colonial critics of power and politics in Africa. Before joining the University of Cambridge, Njoki was a Peace, Security and Development Scholar at the African Leadership Centre (ALC) in King's College London and the University of Nairobi. 

Research Interests

Her research interests straddle between the politics of intervention, politics of transitional justice in Africa and the development of African political thought and African feminisms using a critical and decolonial approach to knowledge production. Her research specialties also includes Kenyan Politics. 

Key Publications

  • Wamai, N.,(2018) The ICC, the ‘Coalition of the Accused’ and the International Community: Continuities and Discontinuities in Kenya’s International Relations, in Oxford Handbook on Kenyan Politics edited by  Cheesman N., Kanyinga K., and Lynch G., (due for publication in 2018)
  • Wamai, N., (2017) Peace-making lessons from the Kenyan Mediation Process, in The Palgrave Handbook of Peacebuilding in Africa edited by Karbo, Tony, Virk, Kudrat. Palgrave, London. (due for publication 2017)
  • Wamai, N., (2014) Mediating the Post-Election Violence in Kenya: From a Peacemaking Moment to a Constitutional Moment in Kenya: the Struggle for a New Constitutional Order eds. Murunga, Okello and Sjorgen (London, Zed Books)
  • Wamai, N., (2014), First contact with the field: experiences of an early career researcher in the context of national and international politics in Kenya in the Oxford Journal of Human Rights Practice, Jul 2014, Vol. 6 Issue 2, p213
  • Wamai N., (2013), UN Security Council Resolution 1325 in Kenya: Dilemmas and Opportunities. Working Papers in British-Irish Studies. No. # 2013. (University College Dublin, Dublin)
  • Wamai, Njoki (2010), 'Security Council Resolution 1325 Implementation in Liberia: Dilemmas and Challenges in Olonisakin, Barens and Ikpe(eds.), Women's Participation in Women's Peace and Security. Translating Policy into Practice. (London: Routledge)