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Paul Fraioli

Paul Fraioli

Supervisor: Dr Stefan Halper


Paul’s research focuses on US foreign policy and strategy-making towards China since the normalisation of relations in 1979.

Before studying at Cambridge, Paul was a research associate at Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, where he participated in a variety of projects related to US foreign policy. He graduated from Amherst College, where he studied English and classics, and has a master’s degree in international affairs from Columbia University.

Research Interests

International relations

Foreign policy analysis

Security and strategic studies

Diplomatic history

US foreign policy

US-China relations

Economic interdependence

Key Publications

‘The invention and reinvention of the city: an interview with Rem Koolhaas.’ Journal of International Affairs 65, no. 2 (Spring/Summer 2012): 113–19.

‘Editors’ Foreword: “The Future of the City” ’. Journal of International Affairs 65, no.2 (Spring/Summer 2012): vii–ix.

‘Hard Target: Forcing Myanmar to Change’. International Affairs Review 20, no. 2 (Fall 2011): 55–72.

‘Editors’ Foreword: “Inside the Authoritarian State” ’. Journal of International Affairs 65, no. 1 (Fall/Winter 2011): vii–ix.

‘Blind Men and an Elephant: How the Indian and Chinese Press Cover Myanmar’. Journal of International Affairs 64, no. 2 (Spring/Summer 2011): 243–55.