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Camil Roman

Camil  Roman

The symbolic sources of the French Revolution and their impact on Prussia: towards an anthropology of radical political changes

Supervisor: Dr Harald Wydra

College: Downing College

Research Interests

My research interests are focused on modern revolutions as alchemical processes/techniques of transmogrifying modes of consciousness. Working within the tradition of interpretive social sciences broadly defined, my specific research on the French (and Russian) revolution attempts to cut across theoretical themes in various disciplines – from political and philosophical anthropology, to historical sociology, international relations, history and international political thought – with the aim of bringing these topics together under a new hermeneutical umbrella. The developed conceptual toolkit should provide better accounts of some of the main European historical events since the French revolution, but also be able to turn social scientific discourse and reflection towards more perennial concerns of human existence and translate these into contemporary forms of interrogation and analysis. The long term goal of my research is to contribute to our understanding of European modernity, both as a phenomenon of secularization and of globalization.

Key words: revolutions and social movements, religion and politics, modern European history, modernity, democratization, technology and history of science, memory.

Key Publications

Work in progress:  


“The Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars in the Prussian Political Imaginary: towards a Genealogy of the Special German-French Relations as the Birth of the Modern Castor and Pollux” (journal article)


Book chapters:

 “Liminality, the execution of Louis XVI and the rise of terror during the French    Revolution” in Thomassen, Bjorn; Horvath, Agnes; Wydra, Harald (eds.) Breaking boundaries: varieties of liminality. Oxford, Berghahn Books (forthcoming 2015)

 Roman, Camil and Miroiu, Andrei (2007) “The security and defence policy of Romania and its military acquisitions” in Bondar, Florin (ed.) Public Policies and Public Administration, Iasi: Polirom Publishing House, pp. 269-284. (in Romanian)


Book reviews:

“Caiani, Ambrogio A. (2012) Louis XVI and the French Revolution. 1789-1792, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.” in Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 26 (4)

 “Tismăneanu, Vladimir (2012) The Devil in History: Communism, Fascism, and Some Lessons of the Twentieth Century, London: University of California Press” in Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 26 (2)