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Martinez Dissertation Wins APSA MENA Award

last modified Sep 06, 2019 02:46 PM

Jose Martinez, one of our PhD students that finished in 2018 has received an award for his dissertation 'The Politics of Bread: State Power, Food Subsidies and Neoliberalization in Hashemite Jordan’ from the American Political Science Association's Middle East and North Africa Politics Section.

The awarding committee commented: "The committee was impressed by this highly innovative study of welfare politics in Jordan, presenting the Jordanian state as engaged in a process of demonstrating its authority through the distribution of flour, the regulation of bread prices and the indirect management of the bakery. Combining theoretical fluency with empirical richness, the dissertation is based on a mix of detailed archival work, extensive interviews with policy- makers and other officials, and a multi-site ethnography conducted in bakeries over an eighteen month period of fieldwork."

The Department would like to extend its congratulations to Jose on his award.