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Professor Christopher Hill gives the annual Martin Wight Memorial Lecture

last modified Nov 09, 2015 03:32 PM

Professor Christopher Hill, Sir Patrick Sheehy Professor of International Relations in the Department of POLIS, gave the annual Martin Wight Memorial Lecture at Chatham House in London on 3rd November. 

The lecture, titled Powers of a Kind? The Anomalous Positions of Britain and France in World Politics, assessed the capacity of Britain and France to maintain a leading role in international politics given their own uneasy relationship, and the significant internal and external constraints they face.

Martin Wight was a seminal figure in the development of international relations theory in Britain and an influential historian of the political civilisation of Europe. The Martin Wight Memorial Lecture is given annually in successive years at the University of Sussex, LSE and Chatham House- the three institutions with which Wight was most closely connected during the last quarter of a century of his working life. 

An audio recording of the lecture is available on the Chatham House website here.