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Dr Roberto Foa appointed as University Lecturer in Public Policy

last modified Jun 28, 2019 02:49 PM

We are delighted to announce that Dr Roberto Foa will be joining the Department of Politics and International Studies as University Lecturer in Public Policy from September 2019.

Dr Roberto Foa is currently a Lecturer in Political Science at the University of Melbourne. His research examines quality of government, regimes, and comparative social indicators. He is also interested in political methodology, including comparative survey work, index construction and design, geospatial analysis, and multi-method research. He was a Peter Martin Fellow at the Financial Times, worked for the World Bank as designer of the Indices of Social Development, and while living in Washington DC, founded the Washington European Society.

Roberto Foa’s academic work has been published in a wide range of Q1 journals, and cited in publications including The Economist, the Financial Times, the New York Times, the Guardian and The Atlantic.

Selected Publications:

Foa, Roberto Stefan and Anna Nemirovskaya (forthcoming 2019). "Frontier Settlement and the Spatial Variation of Civic Institutions." Political Geography. 

Foa, Roberto Stefan and Yascha Mounk (forthcoming 2019). "Youth and the Populist Wave." Philosophy and Social Criticism.

Foa, Roberto Stefan. (2018). "Modernization and Authoritarianism." Journal of Democracy, 29(3).

Yascha Mounk and Roberto Stefan Foa. (2018) "The End of the Democratic Age: Autocracy’s Global Ascendance." Foreign Affairs, Vol. 97(3): pp 20-8.

Foa, Roberto Stefan. (2017). "Persistence or Reversal of Fortune? Early State Inheritance and the Legacies of Colonial Rule." Politics and Society, 45(2): pp 301-24.

Foa, Roberto Stefan and Yascha Mounk. (2017). "The End of the Consolidation Paradigm" Journal of Democracy, Web Exchange on Democratic Deconsolidation. 

Foa, Roberto Stefan, Ronald F. Inglehart, Tatiana Karabchuk and Eduard Ponarin. (2017). "Set-Point Theory and Societal Collapse: The Case of Russia." Journal of Happiness Studies, Vol. 18(3): pp. 1-18.

Foa, Roberto Stefan and Yascha Mounk. (2017). "The Signs of Deconsolidation." Journal of Democracy, Vol 28(1): 5-15.

Foa, Roberto Stefan and Grzegorz Ekiert. (2017). "The Weakness of Postcommunist Civil Society Reassessed." European Journal of Political Research, Vol 56(1): pp. 419-39.

Foa, Roberto Stefan. (2016). "It’s the Globalization, Stupid." Foreign Policy, December.

Foa, Roberto Stefan and Yascha Mounk. (2016). "The Danger of Deconsolidation: Democratic Disconnect." Journal of Democracy, Vol. 27(3): pp 5-17.

Foa, Roberto Stefan and Anna Nemirovskaya. (2016). "How State Capacity Varies Within Frontier States: A Multi-Country Subnational Analysis." Governance, Vol. 29(1): pp. 411-32.