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Seminar in POLIS by the German Finance Minister, Dr Wolfgang Schäuble

last modified Mar 31, 2014 05:33 PM


On the 27th of  March the German Finance Minister, Dr Wolfgang Schäuble, visited Cambridge to take part in an hour-long discussion with a range of students and staff from across the University interested in the evolving political economy of the European Union. The meeting was sponsored by POLIS, and chaired by Professor Christopher Hill. Dr.  Schäuble’s opening remarks were responded to by Lord Eatwell, the President of Queen’s College and a past front-bench economic spokesman for Labour in the House of Lords.

The discussion which followed, including a number of questions from the floor, dealt with, inter alia, the role of the Euro, relations between the Eurozone and the rest of the EU, the human rights implications of current austerity policies, and the role of the German Constitutional Court.