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Supervisor Award 2016-17

last modified Sep 04, 2017 04:05 PM

New for 2016-17, the Department has established a Supervisor Award for staff and students who have supervised on our undergraduate papers as part of the HSPS Tripos. 

Students across the Tripos were invited to nominate their supervisors, and we were delighted to receive over 60 nominations. Students were asked to evaluate their supervisors against certain criteria - organisational skill, communication skill, essay support etc - but were also invited to leave comments; you can read a selection of these below. 

Having considered all the nominations and comments, the Department is delighted to announce that the joint winners of the Supervisor Award are Dr Thomas Hopkins, Teaching Associate, and Dr Caroline Ashcroft, Postdoctoral Researcher. They will share the prize of £100. 

Comments in support of Dr Thomas Hopkins - 

"Tom is an amazing supervisor who seems to have no limit in his knowledge or his ability to transmit it. He is an endless provider of helpful tips for thinking, reading and writing...He manages to make every supervision a fun and engaging exercise, turning even the most poorly researched essays into a chance to deeply think and learn about the issues at hand, and his enthusiasm for political thought and philosophy is contagious. He is not only the best at providing academic support, he helped me with figuring out what to do after Cambridge, and has always been amazing and understanding in those times when Cambridge gets difficult. He is an incredibly friendly and dedicated supervisor and DoS, and I dearly hope he wins."

Comments in support of Dr Caroline Ashcroft - 

"Caroline was an incredibly kind and helpful supervisor who would respond to even the slightest concern with huge emails filled with reassuring and interesting answers to questions."

"Caroline is also the best supervisor I have ever had in terms of actually reading and offering to help with things listed on my student support document...she went above and beyond to offer help wherever possible."

Honourary mentions - 

Dr Burcu Ozcelik - "Burcu was one of the best supervisors I've ever had here at Cambridge- she provided extremely valuable constructive criticism, was extremely approachable, and managed to build- rather than undermine- my own confidence in my work."

Dr Devon Curtis - "Devon went above and beyond to convey her passion for the course and made a real effort to cultivate this same passion in her students...She was very approachable and always asked me how I was feeling and coping which I valued a lot in my final year of university."

Dr Glen Rangwala - "Dr Rangwala was an extremely helpful, interesting and enjoyable supervisor. Available, both inside and outside of supervisions, to assist with questions and thoughts, he would very much happily listen to your own ideas and arguments (even if they were to be later comprehensively refuted!). Dr Rangwala provided myself, and no doubt many other students, with a real sense of passion for, and knowledge of, the politics of the Middle East."

Dr Peter Sloman - "Dr Sloman is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but he is approachable, gregarious, and kind, with a great sense of humour. He's incredibly responsive to emails, and put up with extremely long supervision essays from me and my supervision partner, even at short notice. He has immensely enriched the study of British politics for me, and his lectures and supervisions were among the best, if not the best, I've had at Cambridge."

Dr Damien Valdez - "Dr Valdez was born to teach...A pleasure all around."