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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)


The Department has established a Supervisor Award for staff and students who have supervised on our undergraduate papers as part of the HSPS Tripos last year.

Students across the Tripos were invited to nominate their supervisors, and we were delighted to receive nearly 30 nominations. Students were asked to evaluate their supervisors against certain criteria - organisational skill, communication skill, accessibility etc - but were also invited to leave comments; you can read a selection of these below. 

Having considered all the nominations and comments, the Department is delighted to announce that the winner of the Supervisor Award is Dr Thomas Hopkins, Teaching Associate. He will receive the prize of £100. 

Dr Hopkins: 'I'm very honoured to receive this award.  It is a pleasure and a privilege to teach in POLIS.  My thanks to all my colleagues in the department for their support, and especial thanks to my students past and present.'

Comments in support of Dr Thomas Hopkins - 

"It is very difficult indeed to overstress what a remarkable supervisor Dr. Hopkins is. This year I have had the luck to have him as a supervisor for POL8 and without his support I doubt I would have been able to sit an exam on it. His astonishing broad and in-depth knowledge enable him to answer any sort of question without hesitation and with absolute clarity. Not to mention the fact that he is an incredibly understanding, flexible and committed supervisor. Again, Dr Hopkins is a truly exceptional supervisor and my comments cannot do justice to his qualities. My best supervisor by far in my two years in Cambridge."

"One of the best supervisors I've had in Cambridge. Incredibly knowledgable and enthusiastic"

"Will answer all questions comprehensively"

"I had the good fortune to be supervised by Tom Hopkins for POL8, and he was the best supervisor I've had at Cambridge. His knowledge was impeccable, and the supervision hour was always filled with learning. His lectures were excellent, and the time and care he took over reading and commenting on essays ensured that I – and others – fully understood the material and ideas. My good grade was largely due to him."

Honourary mentions - 

Dr Mette Eilstrup - Sangiovanni - "Mette is a fantastic supervisor and just an amazing person in general!"

Dr Peter Sloman - "Peter is the best supervisor I've had across my whole undergraduate degree. He's all of these qualities, and on top of that has really inspired my interest in British politics"