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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

Alumni on punt in the river

Welcome POLIS Alumni


POLIS Alumni network aims to bring together former students from all three departments.


Our alumni database, created with Development and Alumni Relations, includes both undergraduate and graduate students of the following courses:



  • Moral Sciences Tripos
  • Human, Social and Political Sciences Tripos
  • Social and Political Sciences Tripos
  • Politics, Psychology and Sociology Tripos
  • MPhil in History and Political Science
  • MPhil in International Relations
  • MPhil in International Relations and Politics
  • MPhil in Politics and International Studies
  • MPhil in Politics
  • MPhil in Contemporary European Studies
  • MPhil in European Studies
  • MPhil in International Studies
  • PhD in International Studies
  • PhD in Politics and International Studies
  • MSt in International Relations

Altogether, the POLIS Alumni network is comprised of over 5000 former students. By establishing the network we hope to keep in contact with our alumni to find out how their careers are developing, to keep them informed about developments in the Department, and to explore opportunities for cooperation.


In future, our intention is to organise an annual social event or reunion where alumni and current Department members can meet.


Further information and announcements will be posted here as these plans develop.


If you have any questions please email us>>