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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)


Students who have temporarily withdrawn or been temporarily removed from the Register will need to apply for reinstatement in order to continue with their studies or submit their thesis.  Reinstatement to the register does not happen as a matter of course; each application is judged on its own merits.

A link to the reinstatement application form can be found at: Reinstatement to the Register of Graduate Students Application Form

If you have completed the minimum number of terms required for the degree and wish to apply for reinstatement in order to submit your dissertation, or to submit a revised dissertation for examination, you should complete the form.  It is often not possible to obtain further supervision or scrutiny of work prior to submission. If you wish to apply for further supervision, you will need to make a case to your Degree Committee for their consideration. 

If you are submitting your thesis for examination after being temporarily removed from the Register of Graduate Students, the steps you will need to follow will depend on the length of time you have been off the register. Students who have been off the register for less than six months will be reinstated upon submission of their thesis, following correspondence between the Student Registry and the relevant Degree Committee. Students submitting their thesis after having been off the register for more than six months will need to complete the reinstatement to the Register of Graduate Students application form

If you have not completed the minimum number of terms required for the degree and wish to apply to reinstatement in order to resume your studies, you should complete and submit the form.  You should provide details as to why you wish to resume your studies and what you have been doing since the time you were withdrawn from the University. In addition, if you were withdrawn as you were not well enough to continue with your studies, you should attach current medical evidence to your application to indicate that you are now well enough to resume your studies.

You may be required to submit work for scrutiny before being allowed to resume your study.   It is possible that, if the time that has elapsed since you deregistered is so great and/or the progress you made before deregistering is so slight, it is agreed that you should not be reinstated but given leave to reapply for admission instead (that is, to apply in competition with other first-time applicants to begin the course afresh).

Completed applications should be submitted to your Degree Committee, together with any accompanying documents. The Degree Committee will make a recommendation to the Student Registry who, (on behalf of the Board of Graduate Studies) will communicate its final decision to you and all interested parties. For information, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your application by the Student Registry, but normally you will be advised that reinstatement is not actioned until you have submitted your final dissertation for examination to the Student Registry.

For further information please contact the Student Registry  (