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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)


In most cases where a student has overrun the four-year or seven-year deadline, the degree committee will normally recommend that the candidate is taken off the register until such time as he or she is ready to submit the dissertation.

Students can also apply to be removed from the register.

The Effect of Removal From the Register

The candidate pays no further University fee and has no further right to:

  • Receive supervision
  • Use the University's facilities
  • He or she may also be denied use of college facilities.

He or she also loses student status and will:

  • No longer be eligible for a student visa (if relevant)
  • Be liable to start repayments on any educational loans.

Where a candidate is very near to submitting the thesis, or would suffer disproportionately from these changes, a supervisor or college graduate tutor may make a case to keep the student on the register for a further short extension.

Candidates taking up full-time employment should normally come off the register.

Faculties and departments should note that removal from the register does not "stop the clock" for the submission deadline, but leaves the time-frame open. It cannot therefore be used to avoid a penalty for non-submission by a Research Council deadline.

Students should note that reinstatement to the register does not happen as a matter of course. Please see the page on reinstatement for further information.