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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)


It is important that the University know if you are withdrawing. Therefore if you decide that you need to leave the University for whatever reason, you must let us know by applying to withdraw either permanently or temporarily via your CamSIS Self-Service pages. Go to your CamSIS Self-Service Page/Apply for Things/Application Forms

If you have difficulty applying to withdraw, or, you wish to simply send us an email to let us know, please email with your reasons and the date of your withdrawal to:

If you initiate an application to withdraw within 21 days of the start of 'full term', you will not be charged fees for that term.  If you initiate an application to withdraw after the first 21 days of 'full term', you will be charged fees for that term. 

A withdrawal agreed by the Student Registry means that you will no longer be recorded as a student at the University of Cambridge, and are therefore no longer entitled to the use of University resources –including your University email address.

The University Information Service (UIS) will email you in due course giving notice of approximately four weeks before your access to resources and your email address is deactivated.  At this point you may opt to retain access for a further two months – or for a longer period if your Department is in agreement and they wish to make a case directly to the UIS. Please discuss with your Departmental Graduate Administrator if this applies to you.

Although you may also retain certain access with departmental support, many of the University's e-resources will become unavailable .  In most cases, the University's license agreements prevent access to those who are not currently students or members of staff.  You are advised to contact the University Library or other parties directly about specific databases if this may affect you.

If you have been withdrawn and require continued access to University resources please talk to your Departmental Graduate Administrator as a case will also need to be made to the Student Registry as to why a withdrawal should not be actioned or will need to be reconsidered.   Please note that students who are no longer on the Register will not be able to retain access to any ejournals, ebooks or online databases for which a licence or subscription is required.

Please note; if you are not self-funded, for example you are Research Council funded, University funded or in receipt of a UK or Overseas Loan or are in receipt of any other funding you also need to contact your award/Loan administrator regarding any decision to withdraw. The funding body may have different terms and conditions attached to your funding and therefore there may be funding implications set by your funder/loan provider that will automatically apply when a withdrawal is actioned on your University record.

If you are studying with a Tier 4 visa, the University is required to cease sponsorship for this visa with effect from the date of your withdrawal. The International Student Office will confirm the implications of this by e-mail:   Please contact the International Student Office directly should you have any concerns with this:

You may wish to leave on a permanent basis or on a temporary basis.  Please note that if you are registered as a graduate student, immaterial of the number of terms completed, you are expected to be studying in Cambridge, or have had agreed by the Student Registry terms of working away or intermission, or you have withdrawn from the Register of Graduate Students and have received written confirmation from the Board that this has been actioned.

You might wish to leave on a temporary basis if you have undertaken 9 or more terms for a research degree and, for example, want to write up away from Cambridge. You could then apply to be reinstated when you were ready to submit a thesis for examination.

Please see Reinstatement to the Register for Graduate Students for details on how to apply for reinstatement.

You may find it useful to discuss leaving the University with your college tutor before finalising your decision. We may, on occasion, have to seek comments from your supervisor and degree committee to finalise arrangements.

If you have difficulty applying to withdraw either permanently or temporarily via your Self-Service page,, please email