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Photo by Hubertus Juergenliemk

The photo shows a fisherman on the Congo River, some 20 minutes from the capital Kinshasa. The picture was taken by Hubertus Juergenliemk, POLIS PhD student during fieldwork in Kinshasa and Goma in January and February 2013. The fieldwork covered the two EU operations in the country, supporting the police and military reform processes.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is marked by violence since the Rwandan genocide pushed many former genocidaires into the East of the country. Since, Congolese have seen Mobutu fall, the assassination of President Kabila and are ruled by his son, Joseph Kabila since 2001. He has won two elections (2006 and 2011), yet despite signs of stabilisation, violence remains in Eastern DRC. Since April 2012, the M23 rebel movement is fighting with the Congolese army (FARDC) and the UN's Peacekeeping Mission in the country (MONUSCO). MONUSCO is currently the largest UN peacekeeping operation in the world.