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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)



Aneetha Warusavitarana is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Advocata Institute an independent, public policy think tank based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where she works on trade, regulatory barriers for micro and small entrepreneurs and women’s economic freedom. She has previously worked at the Ministry of National Policy and Economic Affairs in the Sri Lankan Government. She holds a BSc Hons. in International Development from the University of London.


Her research interests lie in public finance, institutional reform and social policy.


Key publications: 

Warusavitarana, Aneetha, Dilshani N. Ranawaka, D. G. Thiloka Yapa, Gnei Sumhiya Sallay, and Dahami Fonseka. 2020. "Barriers To Micro And Small Enterprises In Sri Lanka". Colombo: Advocata Institute.


Perera, Roshan, Naqiya Shiraz, K. D. Vimanga, Tehani Rasool, and Aneetha Warusavitarana. 2021. "A Framework For Economic Recovery". Colombo: Advocata Institute.


Karunaratne, Sathya, and Aneetha Warusavitarana. 2021. "Import Tariffs And The Costs Of Construction". Working Paper. Colombo: Advocata Institute.

Supervisor: Dr Dennis Grube