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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)



Breanna has spent her professional career working in the US House and the US Senate, and in policy communications in Washington, DC. After working in the US Congress during heated healthcare debates, she recognized a critical question was missing from the conversation: what is the underlying cause of America’s most debilitating and expensive diseases? The answer was, and continues to be, aging. In October of 2020, she published Finding the Fountain: Why Government Must Unlock Biotech’s Potential to Maximize Longevity in order bring awareness to the importance of longevity biotechnology.

The book details the tremendous potential of longevity treatments, including extending our “healthspans” and greatly reducing healthcare costs for families and governments. It also outlines the current federal barriers preventing these treatments from reaching the public.

Breanna is the political director for the Alliance for Longevity Initiatives (A4LI). A4LI is the first and only 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization founded with the goal of creating social and political action around the issues of combating age-related chronic conditions and increasing our number of healthy, disease-free years.


Breanna’s research is focused on the intersection between aging, biotechnology and government, and why some of the promising science in the longevity biotech field should be given better standing in the governmental regulatory and appropriations process.


Supervisor: Dr Margarita Gelepithis