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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)



  • I am a French social entrepreneur willing to serve others by dedicating academic knowledge to the common good. Previously, I studied economics and data analytics at École Polytechnique in Paris and economics and political science at Bocconi in Milan.
  • My previous experiences were both in the public and private sectors: at the office of the French Finance Minister, for an MP, at Rothschild and more recently at McKinsey.
  • Always focused on having an impact, I consider a necessity to use the privilege of my education to help the ones that are in less fortunate positions, this is why I am passionate about social policy.
  • In this vein, I created an NGO called “Les Ombres” (The Shadows) to answer a problem considered marginal in France: the academic and professional education of children in foster care. The charity offers them services and training to counter the lack of information about potential studies, and fight against numerical illiteracy and discrimination in hiring.


  • Comparative political economy, welfare states, comparative capitalism, industrial relations, industrial policy
  • Comparative education policy, vocational education and training
Supervisor: Prof Lucia Reisch