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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)



Margot is an MPP candidate at the Department of Politics and International Studies. Margot completed her BA in political sciences at McGill University in Montreal, before joining Global Witness, a UK-based campaigning organisation that focuses on investigating and exposing corporate abuse, human rights violations and environmental degradation.

During her four years at Global Witness, Margot led a series of investigation into the natural resources sector in Central Africa, with a specific focus on corruption in mining. Her work included a complex investigation focused on sanctions evasion and corruption in DRC over the course of an 18-month investigation. Her work exposed a corrupt businessman who has been evading justice and acting as a middleman in the Congolese mining sector, depriving the Congolese population of at least $1.4 billion.

Through the Masters in Public Policy, Margot seeks to deepen her understanding of the gaps existing in national and international policies designed to prevent companies from being complicit in corruption, human rights violation and environmental degradation. Her areas of interest revolve around corporate responsibility and corporate due diligence in relation to corruption, fraud and bribery.


Corporate responsibility; due diligence; corruption; human rights; natural resources; supply chains; targeted sanctions; sovereign debt; transparency.


Key publications: 

Brussels Times, Time for the EU to sanction corrupt actors, 2020

Global Witness, New EU sanctions open the door to dirty money, 2020

Global Witness, Undermining Sanctions: How mining magnate Dan Gertler is trying to dodge US sanctions, 2020

Global Witness, Not for sale: Congo and the fossil fuels industry, 2018

Global Witness, What Price will Glencore pay for its murky deals in Congo? 2018

Supervisor: Prof Diane Coyle